Previously I wrote about the Devils forwards lines so this one will be about the defense pairings with a brief explanation. As I said before these are my opinions and you are free to disagree.
This has arguably been the best pair we have and should be together for some time. Greene is a solid 2 way defenseman a veteran and team leader. Severson for a rookie is phenomenal and will only get better, together they have been a solid pair with no real weaknesses.
Zidlicky is a very gifted offensive defenseman and yes he has his defensive setbacks but that’s where Merrill comes in. He is a solid 2 way defenseman with loads of potential who is very responsible and can cover Zidlicky in the event of a turnover. Also playing with a veteran is something I think Merrill needs at this point
Last year these two played together for a while before Larsson was injured and we saw probably the best hockey Larsson has played to date. I think both players bring out the best in each other, both have loads of potential offensively and defensively. These two should grow as a pair into the pair all of us hope they can become.

This guy doesn’t deserve to be on the ice let alone have the C on his jersey but he isn’t going to be traded. This guy continually gets burned, takes dumb penalties, and is on the ice for most goals scored against. I’m not in the locker room so I wont say if he is a good presence or not but he doesn’t help on the ice and there for should not be on it unless an injury happens in which case I would still prefer Peter Harrold.