I’m going to lay out what I think the Devils lines should be and a brief explanation. Remember these are my opinions and you are free to disagree.
Elias- Henrique- Cammalleri
I believe this should be the first line as it is a very offensive line that could produce off the rush as well as keeping play in the O-zone. Henrique should be with better players as clowe is really slowing him down
I think this would work well because you have Zajac and jagr who are very good at cycling the puck down low and add in havlat who can finish some of the chances created and I think you have potent 2nd line.
This one is a bit tricky as there a few candidates for this spot. This line would face lesser competition and has the real potential to put up good numbers. With the offensive abilities of Brunner and Ryder and the defensive responsibility of josefson this line could be very productive. I rele think this could work well and should be given and chance.

This is a 4th line in my eyes. They are big, heavy, and would make almost all teams worry about when they are on the ice. Clowe and ruutu can hit everything that moves and zubrus has good puck possesion. Not to mention they have a bit offense they can bring to the table as well.