Every body loves to go out and catch fish but sometimes the fish don’t seem to cooperate. One bad day could turn into two bad days, which could turn into three bads, and before you know it your in a slump. Right now im in a slump ive caught one 11″ bass in the last two trips. Believe me it gets frustrating!! But don’t let that get to you.
    Even though most fisherman are too stubborn to admit it, One of the most common mistakes people make while in a dry spell is to question there abilities as well as over think there tactic and approach to getting over the hump and landing a quality fish.

      Here’s a couple tips to get out of a slump.

   Never question your abilities and remember you had to be in a wet spell first in order to be in a dry spell. Instead take a step back and think about what was working for you in the past. Get back to basics of what has always worked for you while making a few adjustments.
      People tend to be creatures of habit and when we catch fish in one spot we go right back to it the next time out and repeat the pattern. Well guess what, the fish don’t know the pattern, they move up and down a body of water in search of food or the next cool hang out. Instead of switching your lures every 3 casts and beating the same dead horse, use the lures that have always worked and explore a new part of the lake. Chances are you have the right set up but are casting at nothing. Be patient, slow down, don’t let frustrating set in.

   Always keep in the back of your mind that dry spells end, sooner or later You go crashing through the barrier you thought was unbreakable and catch the fish of a life time. I like to call it “paying your dues”. Stick to it don’t give up, don’t let frustration kick in, and sooner or later your dues get paid and the slump is over.