I just saw the defense pairings for tonight’s game vs the Jets and as usual Deboer got it wrong.
     Every young player has a bad game and without a doubt Merrill had a poor showing against the Penguin’s. In my opinion he should be the one in the press box while Larsson gets another Crack at it, instead Gelinas will sit.
       Obviously the best candidate in my eyes to sit is Bryce Salvador. How ever If you are making these decisions based on the previous game then it should be Merrill. He was a -5 and probably played his worst game to date. This isn’t anything to panic over as all young players especially defenseman have a rough night from time to time.
       Why Deboer likes to hold only a select few accountable is maddening at this point. This coach needs a wake up call by managment and in a hurry. This coach does not give certain players equal opportunity to stay in the line up and someone needs to change that.